More Features of next iPhone confirmed by HomePod firmware

Jul 31, 2017, 3:40 am

Aniruddha P.

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The next iPhone is either called as iPhone 8, or iPhone Pro, or iPhone X. We already know about its bezel less design of the screen. According to a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith, at least one of the phone’s variants will have face unlock.

The Apple HomePod contains most of the iPhone codebases. Steve and other developers have been examining codes from there since yesterday. Meanwhile, when Apple pushed the firmware for HomePod, several developers were able to grab it. We learned more about what to expect regarding the upcoming iPhone from that code.

There were many lines of code for BKFaceDetect, and BK here apparently refers to Biometric Kit. For developer tools, Apple has a knack for using ‘kit’. References to having an infra-red camera for the iPhone X are also revealed. This could detect a face even in dark. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported about iPhones next are having an infrared camera for 3D face scanning. Given that, it is not confirmed if that will be the case for all of the upcoming iPhone variants.

 The code contains the following image as well.

Previously, there were leaked images that could be understandably faked. But the appearance of this image right in the code of HomePod confirms its reality. It shows that the screen seemingly goes almost edge-to-edge. It goes around the speaker and the sensors at the top of the iPhone.

Both the aforementioned features – face unlock and bezel less screen – are not new introductions in the market. Galaxy of Samsung and the yet-to-be released Essential Phone are the two Android phone lineups that pack these features. Therefore, Apple is not the pioneer in them in its iPhone lineup.

Summing up for next iPhone

The Touch ID is another feature highly speculated these days for iPhone X to pack. This is not yet confirmed, like a few other features. But by now, we may just have a basic idea of how iPhone X would look like. Also that it is confirmed that the phone will be unlocked by face scan.

Source: TheVerge

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