According to reports, Facebook has bought Ozlo, Charles Jolley’s conversational startup of AI. Jolly will not be returning to Facebook, where he first worked as a Head for their Android Platform. Rest of the team of Ozlo is expected to join Facebook and work on the challenges of natural language processing.

Ozlo was launched with a consumer facing application in 2016. Jolly has stated that he was happy to run this service separately from other tech giants. He believed that conversational AI space was rapidly consolidating. Now Ozlo is part of a tech giant with conversational space getting a lot more consolidated.

Ozlo had launched APIs suite in March. Their knowledge graph was one of the prime differences if compared with others. Ozlo sold the knowledge layer as a service to the developers.  It has a big database of facts which were necessary for showing any sense of intelligence.

Facebook wanted to acquire the knowledge graph along with intent API and converse API with this acquisition. A Facebook spokesperson told that company was excited to welcome the Ozlo team. They are looking forward at the integration of work which Ozlo brings to its messenger platform which more than 1.2 billion people use.    

It is still not certain what exactly Ozlo will work on. The knowledge graph which they bring can be the backbone for the Facebook M. In a similar takeover, Apple bought Lattie Data to convert unstructured data into a graph.

Source: TechCrunch