Leaked HomePod Speaker’s Code Revealed Big Things About iPhone 8

Aug 1, 2017, 12:36 pm

Neeraj K.

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Several leaks are taking place before the official release of the iPhone 8. Now the leaked code of HomePod speaker has revealed some important things about the smartphone. The developers have dug deeper and found some additional information about the upcoming iPhone. The new iPhone might come up with the OLED display, which will extend across the complete front covering of the device. For doing this, the physical home button will get disappear. And this creates a question in our mind about the Touch ID.

As first rumored by The Verge, developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo tweeted their findings and located that the house button is probably going permanently, replaced by a virtual “home indicator” which will solely seem once helpful, whereas remaining hidden in sure use cases (such as once watching a video).

More recent findings seem to have shot the idea of placing the fingerprint scanner under the display down, in favor of a yet-unseen face-scanning technology Apple refers to as “Pearl ID” in its files.

There is conjointly a supposed “attention detection” feature that developers saw within the code, with references like “mouth stretch,” “mouth smile,” and “mount dimples,” light, however, Apple needs to create the scanning technology as correct as doable.

Developers found many references to a feature called “tap to wake”, which would allow a user to wake up the display by simply tapping on it. It would be very useful in the absence of the physical home button.

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