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Touch Cover for iPad is Accidentally Revealed by Microsoft

Aug 2, 2017, 5:34 pm

The tech giant Microsoft accidentally revealed the iPad Touch Cover. Microsoft is secretly working on the touch cover for the iPad. The software giant has listed a mysterious “iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719)” in a download page for documentation related to Lithium batteries. Spotted by WinFuture, the documents were originally posted back in April and include other examples for Microsoft’s HoloLens, Band, and Surface devices. It’s not clear once Microsoft’s iPad touch cover can truly be unleashed, or whether the product was scrapped at some purpose.

All we all know is that it contains a battery, which implies it seemingly connects to the iPad through a Bluetooth association. It could be like the surface touch cover which is just 3mm thick and uses pressure-sensitive technology for a full multitouch keyboard. Microsoft is taking the advantage of Apple as is not selling any external keyboard for the iPad. Microsoft is not using Apple’s smart connector and it is simply targeting base iPad without the smart connector. Microsoft has already released its own Universal Mobile Keyboard that works with the iPad and was the best keyboard for the iPad Air.

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