‘Dorado’, a code name for the Android Wear device was surfaced on the internet – finally revealed what it is supposed to be. Dorado likely the Verizon Wear24 is coming to AOSP recovery with touch support.

A commit made yesterday to AOSP has uncovered two succulent bits of news. All the more intriguing fact is that adding the one we know the slightest about: someplace there is a gadget named “dorado,” and we have no clue what it is. The second and more instantly reasonable titbit is that Google is adding touch support to the AOSP recovery.

Dorado is absolutely a confounding item. It was specified with Fisher (the Nexus 6P) and angelfish as being tested for the commit. Given the unique circumstance, it’s conceivable that it is an Android Wear gadget, and there are a couple of different mentions of this item from the past few months elsewhere. Be that as it may, there’s no real way to know for sure. It might be a current gadget, an up-and-coming gadget, or maybe something completely surprising like an emulator or a device utilized internally for testing. We’ll simply need to keep a close eye out for it.

Touch support for AOSP recovery is an entirely different story, but ultimately almost as speculative. There are a huge amount of potential purposes behind Google to be including touch support. It may be an endeavor at a joining between Android devices and wearable gadgets since the latter essentially requires touch support for any interface to work. It’s significant that recovery for Android Wear gadgets as of now supports touch input, however in the event that they expect to base the two off a similar source that shouldn’t have any effect.

In a more confident and wild hypothesis, it may be the case that Google anticipates adding more devices to the AOSP recovery which would require having some kind of interface for appropriate interaction. It’s most likely a lot to trust that we may see a few elements from custom recovery options such as TWRP coordinated into AOSP. Be that as it may, at the very least, it is a conceivable basis for future custom recovery development efforts.

There’s a chain of confirmation that associates the dorado to the Verizon Wear24, via some kernel commits for the device that was authored by employees at Quanta, which was the manufacturer of the Wear24.

Since Wear24 is the main Android Wear gadget presently made by Quanta, it’s very likely that’s it. The fellas over at 9to5Google likewise have a passage from a build.prop that would bolster the dorado similar to the Wear24. That is likely one secret explained.

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