Tesla has brought down the entry level cost of the Model X SUV, from $82,500 to $79,500. The $3,000 value drop is the consequence of enhanced edges for the electric vehicle, which the organization accomplished on account of efficiencies accomplished in the assembling procedure, Reuters reports.

Tesla’s Model X and Model S sales performance were areas of key interest during the company’s earnings report this past week. Analysts had expected that the Model 3 and its appealing value point could possibly drive down interest for the costlier existing vehicles in Tesla’s line-up. It worked out that in the wake of Tesla’s splash Model 3 debut made a big appearance towards the finish of July, demand grew for both Model S and Model X, according to the company.

On Tesla’s income call this week, Elon Musk, the CEO of the company said that while it’s clearly difficult to foresee what’s to come in the future, they’re seeing increasing demand coming out of the Model 3 launch event. In the event that Model 3 winds up creating an enduring radiance impact for Tesla’s higher end vehicles, that is fundamentally an ideal outcome the automaker could hope for, particularly as it will be some time before it can satisfy the existing demand for Model 3 with adequate production volume.

The Model X 75D’s value decrease should help stir that demand further. Next quarter’s outcomes will be the genuine ones to watch, in any case, as we’ll have additional time and separation from the Model 3’s enormous press moment to assess whether the halo impact is an enduring one.