Samsung TV PLUS, the premium Smart TV content service is now available in the European markets. Consumers of the countries Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom will now have access to the UHD (Ultra-High Definition) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) contents.

The Samsung Smart TV users of these European countries now can find their favorite contents by the TV PLUS interface. That too, in a normal navigating process through the channel menus. The movies and shows of VOD (video on demand) will be delivered via the user’s internet connection.

Samsung TV PLUS

Samsung Smart TV viewers can watch the highest quality of UHD and HDR movies by using the TV PLUS. The TV PLUS app also includes a similar user interface, which helps in smoothly retrieving UHD and HDR contents.

VDO movies of TV PLUS are having simplified controls with expansive options as well. Rakuten TV, a partner of Samsung Electronics, is a leading provider of UHD, HDR, and VDO contents.

Samsung expressed its welcome of the market expansion through the voice of Heeman Lee, VP of VDB (Visual Display Business) of Samsung. He said that this is one step of the company taken further with the aim of continuously serving the viewers worldwide in terms of their favorite contents.

Brief History

2015 saw TV PLUS launched in 2015 in South Korea. Since then, its reach in the markets has gradually grown. By now, the service is available across Southeast Asia and North America. The German markets have had its availability since January 2017.

Summing Up

With this market expansion of Samsung TV PLUS, the company goes a level up in the world markets of Smart TV contents. The U.S. markets have the availability of TV PLUS in more than 8,900 titles.

More than 480,000 people in Korea and Southeast Asia use the TV PLUS, as of June 2017. Among Smart TV users, 70% of them in Korea are watching TV PLUS channels, and 41% in Vietnam are using the TV PLUS service.