First SnapChat, then Twitter, Now Facebook is Copying them All

Aug 8, 2017, 1:26 pm

Aayushi P.

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When Snapchat rolled out its new Your story feature, within a few months everyone copied the feature including Whatsapp, Hike, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s been 7-9 times that Facebook copied Snapchat.

Nothing is new in it if, Facebook is copying Snapchat’s User Interface. Snapchat firstly rolled out their new user interface and within a span of time twitter copied them and rolled it out 2 months ago. And now Facebook is all set to copy them again. Facebook is stilling all the feature from Snapchat.

There are some features Facebook stole from Snapchat – Snapchat’s Your Story, Facebook Messenger camera, live stream, Snapchat’s photo editing, Facebook acquired MSQRD, Snapchat’s disappearing messages came to Facebook, Messenger code and now Snapchat’s user interface.

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