Coalition for Better Ads Tries Hard to Help Publishers Bust Annoying Ads

Annoying Ads

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While you are browsing the web, what irritates you more is the online ad videos that mechanically starts playing at full volumes or a pop-up window appears while you are searching for something.

Therefore, research was carried out by Coalition for good Ads. Whatever the contents of ads may be displayed, it always helps open web to make money. So, in order to avoid such pop-up windows of ads, you can install blockers. These blockers are a hindrance for publishers from making money.

According to reports, 69% of people who installed ad blockers said they were motivated by annoying or intrusive ads.

The company introduced the Ad Experience Report in June that enabled publishers to learn if the ads on the sites meet the Coalition’s Better Ads Standards. Within a span of two months around 140,000 publishers have seen the report.

Katya Moukhina, Director of Programmatic Operations, POLITICO  stated that “This report is great for helping publishers adapt to the Better Ads Standards. The level of transparency and data is incredibly actionable. It literally says here’s the issue, here’s how to fix it. I think it will be helpful for all publishers.”

According to surveys, 50% of users said that they would visit the same twice that consist of the pop-up ad.

Mobile and desktop issues:

The issues are different on mobile phones as compared to desktop. 54% of issues are found on mobile phones out of which 21% of issues are due to high as density. A mobile page that consist of too many ads takes more time to load thereby making it hard for users to browse for necessary data.

Also, most issues come from smaller sites because of access to fewer resources.

But, here one important thing is that what if the users do not dislike all the ads, instead they dislike only the annoying ads. So, the company is trying to resolve this issue by replacing the annoying ads by the acceptable ones that will allow the user to continue their work with online advertising.     

Source: GoogleBlog

Coalition for Better Ads Tries Hard to Help Publishers Bust Annoying Ads