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Google Contacts Opened up to all Android Phones with Lollipop or Above

Aug 15, 2017, 1:43 pm

Google Contacts application opened up to any Android cell phone that boasts Android Lollipop or above names as their operating systems. The application was already restrictive to Lollipop gadgets from Google’s own scope of handsets, similar to the Pixel and Nexus go, in any case, as of rendition, that is not true anymore.

The Google Contacts application incorporates reinforcement and match up for your contacts by taking advantage of the Google Cloud, making them available on any of your gadgets, and additionally a direct interface which is typical of Google’s homegrown applications. Contacts, as you may expect, enables you to include, alter and deal with your contacts’ data notwithstanding supporting different Google accounts (like for work and individual use).

It’s also a smart tool, helping tidy up and blend duplicate contacts like what Google Photos does with matching pictures and giving proposals to adding further data to existing contacts.

In case you’re settling to get your hands on another application formerly discovered on the Nexus and Pixel gadgets, the Google Camera application was as of late informally ported to Snapdragon 820, 821 and 835-based handsets.

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