Samsung Presents Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Powerful Performance

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Aniruddha Paul
Aniruddha Paul
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Today, Samsung announced its release of an all-new cordless vacuum cleaner named POWERstick PRO™. It is going to be unveiled at the IFA 2017 within the first week of September in Berlin. The product is a container of high-end technologies to provide long-term consistent and powerful performance.c

The cordless vacuum features flexible ergonomics, easy maintenance, and industry-topping suction power. On the whole, it’s a showcase of a new dimension for cordless vacuum technology aimed at a precise cleaning experience. It has a design that serves consumers with the efficiency to counter the most common vacuum challenges in their homes.

Suction Power, Brush, and Battery of POWERstick PRO™

It is powered by the highly enhanced Digital Inverter Motor of Samsung. The suction power clocks to 150W, with a cent percent guarantee of thorough cleaning for any flooring type.

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The POWERstick PRO™ also has a Dual Action Brush. Both the brushes have a separate drum for better dirt pickup. This tool spins at 5000rpm but moves in opposite directions. It helps in capturing both large particles and fine dust. It also creates a firm grip for the effective dirt removal. Only one sweep of an area will be enough for perfect cleaning.

As for the battery, the device packs a removable power pack of 32.4V lithium-ion, offering up to 40 minutes. Also, the device can deliver the same level of performance for 5 years.

Ergonomics of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The ergonomic design of the cordless vacuum cleaner has an augmented “aesthetic appeal and convenience.” Its Flex Handle folds up to 50 degrees in a button click. This helps you reach under any low furniture with ease. The handle has a light-built design, minimizing strain on muscles, wrists, and back.

The ergonomics of the model include incredible hygienic features and hassle-free maintenance as well. It has an EZClean Dustbin that needs one lever pull for disposing of contents without much effort. This dustbin structure comes off with an easy detaching system. You can use water for its washing and cleaning. After being pulled out of the base, the dustbin delivers friction for dislodging not just dust but even hair tangles.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner consists of HEPA Filtration, which ensures that about 99.9% of the collected dust remains in the canister. It also ensures clean and allergen-free air in the surroundings.

Additional Tools

Last but not least, the POWERstick PRO™ contains 5 additional tools for cleaning activities. These are the following:

  • Deep Clean Brush takes care of tiny dirt and hair off the carpets.
  • Mini Motorized Tool helps you hygienically clean dust and allergens from mattresses, bed sheets, and fabric furniture.
  • Extension Crevice Tool easily eradicates dirt from the deep crevices of ceiling corners and sofas.
  • Combination Tool lets you pick dirt up on wide surface ranges, be it window panes or table tops.
  • Flexible Tool is flexible enough to bend at an angle for dust pickup from places that are hard to reach, such as refrigerator tops.

With such a multitude of equipment and the latest technologies, Samsung’s POWERstick PRO™ can justifiably be recognized as an ultimate cleaner. Follow our space for consumer feedback after its release.

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