3 Ways A Sales Team Will Benefit From Using Video Conferences

Aug 26, 2017, 3:02 pm

Leila D.

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Times have changed and old sales methods have been replaced with newer, faster and more economical solutions designed to increase profit and reduce hassle. In a few years, it is likely the video conferences will be an everyday solution to age-old problems. Why not start today and make sure that your business is up to date with the latest innovations?

Bring Your Company Into The Future

There is nothing better than meeting a client in person. However, it is not very economical. Telesales and yellow pages, not to mention the archaic door to door method, are a thing of the past. Face-to-face meetings are also slowly being overshadowed by more cost-effective methods. Today’s consumers like to be well-informed about the product that they are considering even before they meet a sales person. What businesses need moving forward is an up-to-date, more effective and convenient method of communication. Having a good product is important, however, even laypeople know that presentation can make or break the sale.

Get Better Feedback

Using a camera will allow the sales person to engage the client in a way that would not be possible by speaking through the phone. Body language is crucial. The sales rep will be able to tell how interested the client really is and adjust the pitch accordingly. One of the biggest advantages of a video conference, in comparison with a telephone call, is that they are more interactive. The potential client has the chance to ask questions about your product, make eye contact and truly collaborate with the sales rep. Getting to know the person behind the voice or email builds a rapport. A connection and a trust between the sales rep and the client that just wouldn’t be as strong if there wasn’t a face to match to the name.

Upon viewing a potential buyer’s body language, coupled with their voice and words, a sales rep will easily be able to spot true prospects. This will accelerate the sales process and turnaround time, as well as allowing the sales rep to channel time and focus onto strong prospects, rather than shooting in the dark with time-consuming methods such as cold calls and follow ups.

While as a sales team, you may need to put in a little extra effort into preparing for video conferences, providing your clients with something palpable is irreplaceable when it comes to the bottom line.

Cut Down On Costs and Time

Video Conferencing allows you to virtually be in a room with anyone from around the world. It is highly likely that your company will be doing business with clients who are not located in the proximity of your office, or perhaps even internationally. Travel costs will drastically be reduced. There will be no need for the company to pay for airfare, hotels, conference rooms, business dinners, etc. With the technology available today, you can even conduct the conference from home; although the client will be none the wiser as the software allows you to choose and customize a professional background which is in sync with your company image.

Another, often overlooked, problem associated with the old-fashioned way of doing business is the time it takes a sales person to travel. Your employee will be getting their salary (plus travel allowance) while wasting the whole work day during the commute on a single meeting. If you were to invest in quality equipment like Merge ICT Video Conferencing Solutions, it would be a smart choice if you plan to book several meetings from around the globe during the course of just one business day.

Video conferencing has some bonuses that could motivate your team to put in more effort. It is much easier to support a relationship with existing clients or earn the trust of new clients, for one. Secondly, while some employees might enjoy extensive travel, most will be happier to make it home for dinner.

In future, it is estimated that over three-quarters of sales will be completed without human interaction. Face-to-face meetings are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Most often, it is simply not reasonable, especially when the sale is in the beginning stages and the outcome unclear.  As a smart business, yours should be taking advantage of everything technology has to offer.

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