As you all know iPhone is always in the news thereby giving surprise to the users. Similarly, the current report states that “iPhone 8” have come up with a new pair of components. The first component is a single layer of the device’s L-shaped motherboard, and the second component is considered to be the edge-to-edge OLED screen for the phone.

On Sunday, Benjamin Geskin shared a picture of the board on twitter. The uploaded picture clearly describes one of the two layers of the “iPhone 8” motherboard. The reports of November 2016 concluded that the device would have the stacked board.

As shown in the pictures, no chips are placed correctly on the board.

Also what is shown on Sunday is said to be the screen assembly for the device. According to sources, screen assemblies are priced for around $5000 on the Chinese black market.

There are no possible alternatives to authenticate either part.

Rumors say that “iPhone 8” consists of an edge-to-edge OLED panel and features a 5.1-inch user space along with the remainder that is associated with virtual buttons. Also, the users can expect a new 3D facial scanner as a replacement for Touch ID.

Source: AppleInsider