Microsoft today announced rolling out different variants in terms of colors for a Surface laptop in 20 additional countries. But that is not even the best news out of the company. Now, you can upgrade to Windows 10 S for free within March 2018.

Previously, the upgrade period entailed till the end of 2017. The new extension of the time period is now going to provide extra flexibility for the passionate users.

This is most likely to be a good call, considering the fact that Windows 10 S is too limited. Well, at least, for the most of the users, that is! Therefore, they can now go for trials without feeling the pressure of time limit.

As for the Surface Laptop, it is available as an amazing notebook. But there is a bigger issue to handle for the users. There is a possible requirement of a $50 upgrade for installing certain critical software. The bitter part is that the software is not available in the Windows Store.

More restrictions in Windows 10 S

On the other hand, according to the observations of ZDNet, several promised apps are missing in the Windows Store. One among these apps is the iTunes. Maybe, these little restrictions are the reasons behind this unanticipated extension.

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