Kobo adds $10 subscription service with 30-day free trial

Sep 6, 2017, 7:45 am

Shreeya G.

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The Canadian company Kobo is getting in audiobooks business and thus is offering an extensive catalogue sale including best sellers like Harry Potter. Not only that, it comes with an exclusive offer of $10 per month audible-like subscription service. This is where they are providing you with service of credits which you can use to get any title from Kobo.com. The company is offering a 30-day trial pack and if you are good with it, you may go for 3 pack credit for $30 that can keep 24 credits in your subscription account.

Here, you only have to choose what to listen and select your preferred narration speed. If you tend to listen in bed, then you can see how much time is left and program it to switch off after some time.

Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn says that the company decided to get into audiobooks, since “We have more books than time, always. Audiobooks let [the company’s] readers fit the books they love into more parts of their day.” The company has planned to add more audio titles every week – so if your favorite e-book is not available in the catalogue, it might get added to the list soon.

The company has been exploring technology to provide better service to the users and provide recommendations based on the previous purchases. Along with the US, Kobo subscription is now available in in Canada ($13/mo), the UK (£6.99/mo), Australia ($13/mo) and New Zealand ($14/mo).

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