LinkedIn Audience Network: LinkedIn’s Major Advertising Update

LinkedIn Audience Network

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Advertising on social sites is the best way to reach a huge number of audiences for business. Therefore, now LinkedIn is planning to unveil LinkedIn Audience Network, an advertising feature that will enable marketers to endorse ads for limited audiences and some apps other than LinkedIn. Due to this, advertisers will be able to focus on the targeted audience with an ease.

There are already many existing companies that make use of such strategies to reach to their audiences. The following companies namely Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the biggest competitors of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn.

Even though LinkedIn is not as big as Google and Facebook, Microsoft pays more to LinkedIn than it gains. Also, its data and functionality are not yet completely integrated with Microsoft’s products. Microsoft is benefited by LinkedIn as it is able to reach a huge amount of audiences available in the market. This is possible as LinkedIn provides a platform for Microsoft to publish their content and provides various advertising solutions, like a custom Audience Network.

According to LinkedIn reports, there are 6,000 advertisers or more who have used LinkedIn’s beta program Audience Network. Therefore, it can be said that the results are positive from beta program test.

As you all know it is difficult to survive in a competitive world, therefore, the company has planned to launch direct native video uploads to the site, that would be added to the list of making money through advertisement without the involvement of too many users on the site. It has added more functionality for mobile users in order to increase the involvement of more users through mobiles also.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that it removes the problem of false news and spam by making use of some high level and strict user login verification process.

Source: Axios

LinkedIn Audience Network: LinkedIn's Major Advertising Update