A group of researchers from India and the U.K. has come up with a new AI. This AI is able to identify people, even if the faces have masks. It uses the deep learning system for acquiring enhanced facial recognition abilities.

In other words, you can easily be pointed out from photos and surveillance even if you have your face covered with a scarf, beard, sunglasses, or a hat.

How does the new AI work?

This deep learning system within this new AI takes 14 angles of the viewpoint of a face. That’s not all, it also measures the distances between these angles for recognizing people.

The AI has two datasets, each having the capability to contain 2,000 images. One of the datasets has simple backgrounds, with the other having more varied elements. The second dataset can even include multiple people per picture. So far, the team of the researchers has had a success rate of 56% accuracy in identifying disguised subjects.

Facial Recognition

This means that the new AI requires more perfection. The success rate goes down to 43% if the subject is wearing glasses. But, according to the papers, this system is going to improve with time. Governments can one day use these systems for tracking down dissenting citizens.

You can find the entire paper from the researchers by clicking here. The researchers are from the National Institute of Technology in Warangal, India; the Indian Institute of Science; and the University of Cambridge.

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