Highly Anticipated iPhone 8 & iOS 11 Details Leaked By Disgruntled Apple Employee

Sep 11, 2017, 4:00 pm

Shreeya G.

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Apple is on its way to unveil its most awaited iPhone model at the Steve Jobs Theatre, company’s new headquarters in California on Tuesday. According to sources, a dissatisfied Apple employee has leaked details about specifications of the upcoming phone.

The leak took the form of a ‘Gold Master’ of Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 software – and it reveals a lot of details about the hardware it will be running on.

The BBC claims to have confirmed an anonymous source that was behind the leak to Apple-based publications 9to5Mac and MacRumors – with some suggesting it was the work of a disgruntled employee.

A reference to iPhone X has fueled rumors that Apple intends to unveil a high-end model alongside more modest updates to its existing handsets.

Other discoveries include images of a new Apple Watch and AirPod headphones, a set-up process for Face ID, and the introduction of Animoji, animated emoji characters.

Because the HomePad speaker will have to work with Apple’s new phone, it contains references to some of the upcoming features in its code, these include:-

  • Removal of the home button.
  • A tap to wake feature.
  • Facial expression detection which may be used for Apple Pay.
  • An edgeless display.
  • An infrared camera.
  • A Smartcam.
  • Wireless charging. (It’ll use the Qi wireless charging standard but Apple’s phones will only work with special Apple chargers.)
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