Xiaomi is on its toe today to serve the ball of market competition to Apple’s court. Besides smartphones, the company has also introduced a MacBook Air shipping with Windows. It goes by the name Mi Notebook Pro.

Xiaomi previously introduced its first laptop back in summer 2016. Xiaomi rejuvenated its same product line today with its affordable take on Apple. The Mi Notebook Pro features a 15.6-inch display. It is powered by Intel Core i7 processor, providing up to 16 GB RAM. It also packs a Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics chip. This entire compilation makes the device about 40% more efficient than Mi Notebook Air, according to Xiaomi.

Furthermore, the new Mi Notebook Pro laptop packs a fingerprint sensor inside the trackpad and 3-in-1 SD card support. Additionally, it has USB-C, a headphone jack, regular USB ports, and a full HDMI slot. Xiaomi also highlighted that the device offers way more options than newest in Apple’s MacBook Pro series.

Although the Mi notebook of last year had a price tag of about RMB 3599, the latest version is pricier. The range starts from RMB 5599 or $858, which is for the 8 GB variant with an i5 chipset. As for the i7 versions, the 8 GB variant has the pricing of RMB 3699 or $980, and 16 GB variant of RMB 6999 or $1072.

In terms of release, it might just be another China-only product. But we might hear more from Xiaomi if we want to take it otherwise.

Not just Mi Notebook Pro was released by Xiaomi today…

As for the passionate users based out of China, they can check out the other of today’s releases of Xiaomi. One is the new and impressive smartphone Mi Mix 2, and the other is the Note 3 Phablet.

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