Apple’s iPhone Wireless Charger not ready for Today’s Event – says KGI Report

Apple Wireless Charger

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Here comes another news for Apple lovers. According to the morning report of KGI’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X will support wireless inductive charging standards. However, it means customers will be able to buy third party Qi chargers to take the advantage of the hardware feature.

KGI report thus stated that Apple has rigorous requirements for wireless chargers RF specifications. Due to this reason, the company has not yet committed to mass production.

The alleged RF requirement to be met is not yet clear. So, the company stands with a point that they are waiting for ‘technological breakthroughs’ before being able to ramp production of the accessory.

Therefore, it seems that customers want to use one of the new features in iPhones 2017 will have to buy third party accessories that use Qi industry standards.

Right on cue, British carrier EE is now letting customers add a Belkin wireless charger to their phone bundle, or a mix of other accessories, with the cost amortised into their normal monthly plan for data and voice.


Apple's iPhone Wireless Charger not ready for Today’s Event - says KGI Report