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BMW Launches the i Vision Dynamics Electric Concept Car

Sep 12, 2017, 11:42 am

BMW introduced its latest model named “i Vision Dynamics” a coupe concept car at the Frankfurt auto show event. This new car has the capacity to run at the top speed of 200 kilometers per-hour and a zero to 100 kilometers (64 miles per-hour) launch of four seconds, it sits squarely between the urban bubble i3 and the supercar i8.

Harald Krueger, the CEO of BMW company said that the i Vision is part of the companies ongoing roadmap of bringing EVs and hybrids to the market. “Our top priority is electric mobility”. Not only this, the company is also planning to launch 25 electrified vehicles by the end of 2025 out of which 12 vehicles will be fully electric.

It seems that BMW plans to surpass Tesla Model as the i Vision Dynamic provides a range of 6oo (373 miles) kilometers.

BMW aims at giving drivers a good experience in terms of performance. However, the i Vision Dynamic and the Mini Countryman hybrid and the concept electric Mini are the most awaited and coolest cars. I hope you all are also waiting to experience a ride in this car. For more updates, keep visiting our site.

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