While we are anticipating the launch of iPhone X, Apple updated recently its iPhone Upgrade Program. This update includes a trade-in feature to mail old handsets, instead of visiting an Apple store.

Apple is presently advertising this new option on the iPhone Upgrade Program webpage. The advertisement contains the message for the users to take advantage of the provided service. This new mail-in option was first noted on Monday by a MacRumors forum member.

According to Apple’s page, it is clear that users will receive trade-in kit by mail, after the shipment of their new phone. This kit packs a box, and a prepaid shipping label that users can use for sending the old model back to Apple.

Trading iPhone

The previous process of trading in by the users with Apple led to various issues last year. These even affected the supply issues of iPhone 7. Also, many members of the upgrade program missed out on models in the launch day.

The new mail-in option is a more convenient substitute regarding the process. Keeping aside the convenience, the incoming handsets are still expected to have at least standard qualities.

2015 saw Apple introduce the iPhone Upgrade Program with the intent of promoting annual handset upgrades. The service is popular among the customers, and it even gained increased purchase rates for Apple. As per early analysis estimations, about 250,000 models were sold in the first quarter of its availability.

Summing up for iPhone Upgrade

Apple foresaw record upgrades late this year by introducing the iPhone X. The device contains supreme features for providing more convenience to the users. Alongside this model, the two iPhone 8 devices are also to be introduced. These include incremental upgrades over the iPhone 7 devices.