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Why You Should Not Buy iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: An Upgraded Version of iPhone 7

Sep 13, 2017, 2:37 pm

It has already been observed by many that the newly introduced iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are not the smartphones as expected. In fact, the appearance alone hasn’t done enough justice to the anticipative build-up before.

According to an analysis video posted on YouTube, the new iPhone 8 series is rather a step back as per predictions of KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Firstly, the phones are not bezel less, as expected by many. Also, it neither has a high tech cool look. Pallets full of iPhone featuring a combination of all these points were observed by a safety inspector of a shipping company. The person further shared his observation that those were actually the real iPhone 8 models, not prototypes.

Though it isn’t officially confirmed yet that these are the actual real deals for the 10th anniversary iPhones, but passionate fans would wish that it would better not be finally so.

As for a comparative point, the iPhones 8s have less bezel as compared to their predecessors. Therefore, fewer bezels and same aspect ratio will offer more convenient display to the users. This is so far one positive point revealed, among the other latest technology packs. Another is that the screen protectors are working 100% correct, as guaranteed by accessories makers of Fortune 500.

On the other hand, and surprisingly enough, it is rumored that iPhone 8s may not have compatibility with Apple Pay! The new Face ID for payment seems to lack in the same conveniences as the previous pay system. Additionally, the wireless charging capability might contain software or hardware issues. Maybe, it will not even be activated at launch but during iOS 11.1 update, which negatively indicates Apple’s lack of preparation or inability to meet deadlines.

In order to sum up, the iPhone 8 series was expected to have supreme features and technologies, that would perfectly make them the ultimate iPhone versions this far. After going through these revealing, passionate Apple users might want to rethink their level of expectancy!

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