The Space X, the aerospace company founded in 2002 which is owned by tech mogul Elon Musk, have performed several experiments on the safe landing of rockets. But, unfortunately, all the attempts to launch and land became a big disaster as all the fueled machines ended up into fiery explosions. But, today this is not the case. The engineers worked on the safe landing of rockets and made this impossible mission possible.

On Thursday morning, Musk tweeted that “Long road to reusability of Falcon 9 primary boost stage…When upper stage & fairing also reusable, costs will drop by a factor >100,” referring to the company’s reusable, 229-foot-tall orbital rocket system.

He also shared one long video on You Tube along with the message. This video is an exclusive one as it consists of high-definition clips of footage that no one has ever released till date.

The video consists of many experiments that were carried out several years ago which includes Grasshopper rocket tests. The video clip does not include June 2015, September 2016, and other Falcon 9 rocket failures footage. As these incidents resulted in the loss of high-priced cargoes.

At present, Space X has the almost successful launch of Falcon 9 rockets, dropping off customer payloads into orbit, and recovering the booster which is the most expensive part of the rocket. Hence, the company is trying to repair its multi-million-dollar system. If this becomes possible then the company would earn Space X billions which will lead them to enter into a new era of spaceflight.

The Space X company plans to launch its largest and reusable rocket system which is dubbed as Falcon Heavy in November with a team of NASA astronauts and other customers (perhaps even a moon mission) in 2019.