Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 10,933,412
    Confirmed: 10,933,412
    Active: 4,302,034
    Recovered: 6,109,719
    Death: 521,659
  • USA 2,814,375
    Confirmed: 2,814,375
    Active: 1,503,917
    Recovered: 1,179,224
    Death: 131,234
  • Brazil 1,476,884
    Confirmed: 1,476,884
    Active: 499,423
    Recovered: 916,147
    Death: 61,314
  • Russia 661,165
    Confirmed: 661,165
    Active: 222,504
    Recovered: 428,978
    Death: 9,683
  • India 627,168
    Confirmed: 627,168
    Active: 229,041
    Recovered: 379,902
    Death: 18,225
  • UK 313,483
    Confirmed: 313,483
    Active: 269,577
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 43,906
  • Spain 297,183
    Confirmed: 297,183
    Active: 268,815
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,368
  • Peru 288,477
    Confirmed: 288,477
    Active: 100,372
    Recovered: 178,245
    Death: 9,860
  • Chile 284,541
    Confirmed: 284,541
    Active: 29,374
    Recovered: 249,247
    Death: 5,920
  • Italy 240,961
    Confirmed: 240,961
    Active: 15,060
    Recovered: 191,083
    Death: 34,818
  • Iran 232,863
    Confirmed: 232,863
    Active: 27,659
    Recovered: 194,098
    Death: 11,106
  • Mexico 231,770
    Confirmed: 231,770
    Active: 64,941
    Recovered: 138,319
    Death: 28,510
  • Pakistan 217,809
    Confirmed: 217,809
    Active: 108,642
    Recovered: 104,694
    Death: 4,473
  • Turkey 202,284
    Confirmed: 202,284
    Active: 20,152
    Recovered: 176,965
    Death: 5,167
  • Saudi Arabia 197,608
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 197,608
    Active: 58,187
    Recovered: 137,669
    Death: 1,752
  • Germany 196,594
    Confirmed: 196,594
    Active: 7,231
    Recovered: 180,300
    Death: 9,063
  • France 166,378
    Confirmed: 166,378
    Active: 59,701
    Recovered: 76,802
    Death: 29,875
  • South Africa 159,333
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 159,333
    Active: 80,559
    Recovered: 76,025
    Death: 2,749
  • Bangladesh 153,277
    Confirmed: 153,277
    Active: 84,909
    Recovered: 66,442
    Death: 1,926
  • Canada 104,643
    Confirmed: 104,643
    Active: 27,789
    Recovered: 68,217
    Death: 8,637
  • China 83,537
    Confirmed: 83,537
    Active: 416
    Recovered: 78,487
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,335
    Confirmed: 50,335
    Active: 44,222
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,113
  • S. Korea 12,904
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 12,904
    Active: 938
    Recovered: 11,684
    Death: 282
  • Australia 8,001
    Confirmed: 8,001
    Active: 807
    Recovered: 7,090
    Death: 104
  • New Zealand 1,530
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,530
    Active: 18
    Recovered: 1,490
    Death: 22

Google’s Tez – The Payment App for India Launched Today

Author at TechGenyz Google
Google’s Tez
As per last week reports, Google finally launched the payment app for India, named Tez. Google’s Tez is the app designed for iOS and Android users in India. The app will let the target users send money to each other, and also pay for digital transactions. Tez, the name in Hindi means ‘fast’, and it provides users with instant money transfer, that too free of cost. It is built on the Indian inter-bank UPI (unified payments interface). The UPI ID that you have looks like yourname@bankname, and you can edit it. Initially, it is automatically generated for you, linking to your phone number and bank accounts. Thus, you can send money by entering the receiver’s UPI ID. You can also enter or select the receiver’s phone number from your contact list, given that they have Google’s Tez. The app includes an interesting additional feature named ‘Cash Mode’, letting users receive and pay money by using audio. For this, both the sender and the receiver need to have Tez installed. But, sharing bank accounts or contact numbers are not essential for the Cash Mode. As for privacy, Google made sure that the app is conveniently usable by even the new users. Furthermore, Tez supports various Indian languages.

Google’s Tez for purchases and services

Users can pay for purchases and services as well. All you need is to scan a business’ QR code. Any business having an online presence can sign up to Tez commercial program. The program includes a channel for communications via text messages. This also allows the users for going through streamlined payment experience. For the other UPI-based apps, Google’s Tez will let users transfer up to Rs. 100,000 or $1,560. Users are able to make a maximum of 20 transactions in a day.


There are still issues regarding the Tez app. You can only use a Google account, as the app does not support G Suite accounts. The audio setup with the phone’s mic could not be calibrated either. This might affect the Cash Mode feature.

Google’s plan

One may wonder the plan of Google by introducing Tez. There are already UPI transactions, which come off for free of cost. Now, the company may aim at earning revenue for charging the businesses on the additional functionality. For example, Google can think of promoting offers in the app channels. Google has the backup of Dominos, RedBus, PVR Cinemas, and Jet Airways for supporting Tez. The app is yet to compete directly with the already established digital wallets, instead of sticking to only bank accounts. This initiative may be looked upon as Google’s first implementation in the fast-growing digital payment platform in India. As per the company’s estimation, Indian digital payments will hit $500 billion by the year 2020. The country is going through a new wave of digital services, with an umpteenth number of users adapting to mobile devices. Therefore, Google is not willing to miss the stage right from the beginning. Try the app Tez for iOS or Android, if you are in India. Let us know what you think of the app and Google’s initiatives in the comment section.
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