Today, the smart lock manufacturer August launched a new hardware series headlined by Smart Lock Pro. It is a Homekit-compatible retrofit device, packing the new “DoorSense” technology. This new technology makes users aware when their doors are left open. The company also launched another device with more affordability and a new version of Doorbell Cam.

As for the Smart Lock Pro, it has an appearance similar to that of the original August lock. It has the price of $279 and showcases an enlarged puck design. This design makes the lock fitting for the deadbolt knobs. There are battery powered motors inside, for mechanical operations. These allow the users in locking, unlocking, and also checking device status through a connected smartphone.

New Tech by August

The additional DoorSense feature has a magnetic sensor for monitoring whether your door is ajar or closed. It provides more security to the smart lock solution. In the auto-lock mode, the Smart Lock Pro won’t aim at throwing the deadbolt, when DoorSense detects that the door is open. In an alternate case, the technology lets the auto-lock to kick in, when the sensor detects a closed door. The system is able enough to send alerts to users, letting them be aware of their door kept ajar.

August also revealed a third-generation Smart Lock, which is affordable. It has many of internal trappings of the Smart Lock Pro, only that these are not packed with much show. Not cylindrical, rather the design includes an oval shape, with a standard thumb turn switch. It does not have HomeKit connectivity, and neither does it ship with the Connect bridge. Well, it does have the auto-lock features and the new DoorSense technology.

The Smart Lock, priced at $149, is available since today on, along with the Smart Lock Pro.

Last but not the least, the company launched a second-generation Doorbell Cam Pro as well. It has an integrated floodlight, enabling users in color video captured during the night. Furthermore, the device includes HindSight, which is a persistent buffer. This automatically adds few seconds of video to a recording. The motion detection subsystem triggers the recording. The company promises improved video quality on the whole, as compared to the previous model.

HomeKit supports cameras as well, but the company did not integrate the technology into the Doorbell Cam Pro. The latter device will be revealed on October 10 and will be priced at $199.