Sony Brings PSVR Versions of Games at pre-Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show

The pre-Tokyo Game Show PlayStation press conference of Sony is taking place at present. The company announced quite a few new Japanese software for PSVR. This includes video games and a newspaper app, and even a cost cut.

PlayStation enthusiasts will feel overwhelmed for the biggest announcement from the conference thus far. It is the introduction of Anubis Mars, a PSVR version of the video game Zone Of The Enders. Konami developed the original ZOE for PS2. It also famously packs a demo of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Another important announcement at the pre-Tokyo Game Show conference is that of the Neko Atsume VR. Although only the logo was displayed, one may remain confident that it would be enjoyable to experience cat-collecting in VR.

On the other hand, The Asahi Shimbun is the Japanese newspaper, coming up with a news app for PSVR. The app will offer 360-degree video content, quite like The New York Times doing for mobile VR headsets.

The Cost-cut Announcement in pre-Tokyo Game Show conference

On a conclusive note, it has been almost a year that PSVR was released in Japan. Yet, it is still immensely difficult to purchase one in the country. But, Sony doesn’t seem to stop in providing the content flow at its home market. Accordingly, today’s announcements at the pre-Tokyo Game Show conference include a price cut. It is for the bundle that includes a headset and PlayStation Camera. The new price is 44,980 yen, starting from October 14. It is also the previous standalone price of the headset.

Are you following the conference? Are you eagerly waiting for the Game Show? Let us know about your opinions or experiences regarding PSVR in the comment section.

Source: TheVerge

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