A week before, Amazon introduced a Fire TV software update with some enhancements like the system keyboard that supports speech-to-text inside the app and also the new magnifier options which makes it easy for vision-impaired users to read the contents that are displayed on the screen.

But, this version comes with an agreement of banner ads that are futile to avoid on the Fire TV home screen. If you wish to access any movies, videos or apps through Amazon then you will have to scroll past an advertisement along the way.

However, the major problem here is that you cannot get rid of Amazon’s ads even after paying for it.

Ads in the spotlight

In the previous version, the ads never became a hurdle while using the device as they appeared on the top of the screen. In order to view an ad users had to simply scroll up from the current category in the reverse direction from the current menu items category.The ads were noticeable only while rolling to the Fire TV’s top navigation bar that is associated with a banner ad being displayed above it.

On the other hand, the new version displays ads in a sophisticated manner thereby placing a banner ad inside each of the Fire TV’s menu categories for Home, Videos, Movies, TV Shows, and Apps. Here, the ads are displayed below the first two rows of non-sponsored in each category thereby making it noticeable while you are using navigation bar. This is the only reason due to which you should switch to banner ads that operate the Fire TV’s main menu.

One step forward…

The Amazon’s enhancements to the Fire TV interface have been amazing except new ads position. The updated version benefits the user by allowing them to create a series of the desired apps and some third-party apps, including Netflix and HBO. They have their own rows on the home screen for easy access. Instead of providing menu section for both Photo’s and Music, Amazon provided proper apps to store music and Photos, thereby, integrating both apps and games into one section.

However, placing the banner ads into these menus has made navigation inefficient. The major disadvantage here is that the content rows place is being filled by the banner ads due to which users are not left with multiple viewing options from each menu category.

The Amazon Tax

These advertisements are also included in Amazon’s hardware products namely Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, and Prime Exclusive Smartphones. But, Amazon is more specific with the advertisements appearing on these devices as they promote the hardware. However, if users want to get rid of such ads then they can pay some additional amount during the purchase or at any given time.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with Fire TV as displaying of ads was never expected. If the users have forcefully navigated through ads then the company should charge less for the Fire TV with an alternative to remove ads for a one-time fee just like it does with its other devices.

If this is not possible then Amazon should rethink on the placement of ads and come up with new ways to display both ads and contents.