Like it does every year, Apple has put its newest iPhone 8 through a series of stress tests. A new video in YouTube is showing off the phone’s capability to withstand bends and scratches.

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything unboxed an initial production of the model on Thursday. The video began with destroying the display, metal chassis, and the back glass. They used various metal objects for this purpose.

Apple says that the glass of the iPhone 8 is the strongest ever built in a smartphone. The video is backing up this claim to a certain level. The front cover glass has a design that fits everyday rough usage. Be it keeping the phone in your pocket with keys, or a light scratch by a utility knife – the phone is able enough to withstand these all.

They carried out several other tests of the device based on performance shown in the video. These revealed that the display is perfect as compared to other smartphones. The only aspect that remained unchecked was that of the new glass back.

The channel further pinpoints that Apple is not using pure sapphire for protection of the phone’s rear camera. Instead, the company is most likely using a lower grade material of sapphire. Apple did the same last year as well. Most sapphires are able to resist scratching till a level 8-9 pick. But, the iPhone’s material showed a level-6-pick regarding resistance.

The 7000 series aluminum of Apple did take some hit from the utility knife. It revealed a natural silver interior when the anodized layer at the top was removed. This was expected given the reports of Apple’s doing on this last year.

As for the perennial bend test, the iPhone 8 reached a peak of performance rate. It showed no flex sign, that too with the glass sandwich design. According to JerryRigEverything, the bend test did not affect the adhesiveness of the phone. This came undone when iPhone 7 went through an identical evolution.

Rolling out iPhone 8 and other new Apple devices

The phone – along with iPhone8 Plus, Apple TV 4K, and Apple Watch series 3 – is rolling out for pre-order customers from Thursday. The debut of the new devices will follow iPhone X launch in the fall. Apple is prepping the iPhone X presently, for pre-orders. The pre-orders will start on October 27, before the shipments beginning on November 3.