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Apple has always maintained a 150% markup on all its iPhone series products. In fact, it has always been around 158%. So, if you are asking whether it is worth it to buy iPhone X $999 yet you are using an iPhone 7 that cost you $550, then you are overthinking.

So, let’s look at the 9 reasons why iPhone X is worth $999.

1. Aesthetic appeal

Unlike any other series, iPhone X is the only one that can boast of the most advanced, most compact, and the sleekest. It is sealed to ensure that water and dust remain outside. Top on the list of this appeal is a near-end display covering from end-to-end, surgical grade stainless steel frames, and all-glass body. It is a true upgrade even to the eye.

2. OLED display

No phone in the world has even come close to integrating OLED display. iPhone X comes with this display, which means, you have increased color quality, opacity and contrast ratio of a million to one. It also comes with the true blacks feature.

3. Upgrade from touch to face identification

After years of simulation of face ID, Apple is finally confident that a million to one odds of anyone other than you authenticating your phone is good enough. iPhone X comes with a valued-added face ID that you can use to authenticate Apple Pay and other electronic transactions.

The phone also comes with integrated 3D sensors that detect facial expressions and creates Animojis based on your facial recognition.

4. Picture quality upgrade

Taking awesome photos is now a to-do list for most people. iPhone X assembles a constellation of features that take your photo experience to a new level. Its screen resolution is 458 per inch. The 12-megapixel sensors, vertical dual lenses, QUAD-LED tone flash, dual-image stabilizer, and an image signal processor are just a few items on this list. Each of this is in its most advanced form if not its novel launch.

5. Super-Fast wireless charging

It is not that much of a feature though currently, it’s an awesome feature too. With an AIRPOWER mat, you can charge up to 50% in half an hour. The battery is also better with 2hrs more.

6. A11 Bionic chip

Most will ask what bionic chip is, but it is an upgrade from the previous version used in iPhone 7. It comes with motion coprocessors, faster Apple-designed GPU, and neural engine.

7. New colors

If you were not lucky to get your favorite color and had to shop for a cover, then there is a whole new range of colors in iPhone X including silver and gold.

8. Accelerated reality

With the improved performance of gyroscope and accelerometer, you are sure to make your reality features even more personal. These new features allow temperature detection and other conditions before capturing video or picture.

9. A bragging right

It is the most expensive iPhone out there. If you care about being first and being top, this is your phone. You can afford to show it off too considering the asking price.

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