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NFL Fans to Enjoy Thursday Night Football Launch Live with Amazon Prime

Sep 25, 2017, 9:50 am

As you all know, there is a live Football match on 28th August Thursday Night between Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers. So, this year the NFL fans with Amazon Prime memberships will be able to enjoy all the Football matches live as they will be streamed on the Amazon Prime site and Prime Video app.

If you are already a prime subscriber then you don’t need to pay any extra amount. But, unfortunately, if you miss the match then you can view highlights that will be available after 72 hours. You can also have a view of the complete Thursday Night Football Schedule. As an add-on, you can sign up for email updates and browse for links related to NFL merchandise on Amazon.

The surprise does not end here as there is more to it. Also, the Oakland Raiders introduced a new NFL Trivia game from Alexa that is running at the back of Marshawn Lynch.

The another advantage for Madden gamer is that they will be able to unlock every week’s Legend at free of cost by simply linking their Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts. Jerome “The Bus” Bettis is up for grabs this week.

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