On September 24, Intel officially introduced its new family – 8th Gen Intel Core desktop processors. The supremely qualitative processors will be available for purchase from October 5 this year.

Intel’s new family of desktop processors is specifically built for gamers and content creators. To simplify, the overclocking users requiring premium performance are the target users. Starting from Intel Core i3 to i7, the processors fulfill this requirement and are setting a new bar in terms of easier, faster, and immersive experience.
 Anand Srivatsa, GM of Desktop Platform Group at Intel, said, “Our 8th Gen Intel Core desktop processors deliver tremendous improvements across the board and – for gamers, in particular– offer an unbeatable experience.”

Intel’s new family – Chief Features

Following are the chief features that make Intel’s new family of processors ideal for overclockers:

  • Powerful, fluid, and vivid gaming performance – gamers will enjoy 25% more frames per second for the popular games.
  • Advanced content creation – content creators can create more in short time. The processors can deliver pace, precision, power, compatibilities, and high-quality graphics creation and consumption.
  • Better overclocking – the newly added features provide enhanced the experience for the overclockers, while not compromising with precision.
  • Enhanced platform – the new chipset named Intel Z370 offers developed power delivery required for the 6-core processors. This maximizes their performances and provides an enhanced package of power that smoothens overclocking and memory routing.

Intel calls out to the target users for better gaming and media projects by using Intel’s new family of desktop processors. The 8th Gen Core processors with Intel Optane memory, together provide additionally accelerated system responsiveness. The acceleration provided is up to 2.1 times faster as compared to the same of a 5-year old desktop and HDD.