Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most renowned names. He has set a legend with the success of his owned website Facebook. Mark has numerous followers on social media. People are always curious to know regarding his lifestyle. Is Mark’s life the same as ours? Does Mark love to live a luxurious life? And the questions keep piling up.

Mark always ensured through many of his interviews and posts that he is very down to earth and lives a normal life. Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs, he never got carried away with his run of success.

The latest post of Mark reveals his immense love towards cheesesteaks. He traveled to Philly for ‘the best cheesesteak in the land’ – and posted about it, not just once or twice, but eight times! It seems he wanted to let his followers know that even he enjoys the life of a very normal human being, and secondly his crazy love towards cheesesteaks.

He posted the pictures of his visit to The Original Pat’s King of Steaks, with the caption “Traveled all the way to Philadelphia for the best cheesesteak in the land.”

We may think that it is some creepy bug in Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account. But it’s not that the Facebook account is a stranger too.  Remember you can’t block Mark and his wife doctor Priscilla Chan.