Samsung Galaxy X, The Folding Phone, May Launch Soon

Sep 25, 2017, 8:50 am

Aniruddha P.

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Samsung, along with LG and other manufacturers has been working on mobile phones with bending displays for years. As per present reports, the first device could launch soon. At the same time, ZTE is looking to bring something similar as well during October. As for Samsung, the company may become the first to introduce the foldable phone, the Galaxy X.

Will it be the Galaxy X?

The readers must note that the name Galaxy X remains yet-to-be-confirmed by Samsung. But, the news came from the tech site LetsGoDigital. They are claiming that the NRRA (national radio research agency) of the KCC (Korea Communications Commission) has approved the phone already. The model number is SM-G888N0, and the ‘NO’ at the end denotes that it belongs to the Korean market.
The same model number has the class as “Equipment of radio equipment for LTE mobile communication”, (as per translation). It can mean a number of things, although a device housing this model number was spotted previously as a “smartphone” on Wi-Fi Alliance. It may be so that this is a hybrid smartphone or tablet.

Market Speculations

When the phone becomes available, it might be in the market race against Apple’s iPhone X. Similar to the iPhone 8 series, Galaxy X may arrive in the markets with the Galaxy S9 series. This may showcase a new take of Samsung on the iPhone trend. Now, it will be interesting to see how the folding phones will go up against the bezel-less devices.

We are yet to receive further information regarding the device. Well, at least South Korean markets may have the smartphone soon, as the certification suggests. Follow us for further updates regarding the first folding phone.

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