Google Looks Good to Win Over iPhones

Google Win Over iPhones

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According to Raymond Wong of Mashable, Google finally has the ‘firepower’ to win over iPhones. Google has been in the competition with the iPhones since 2010 when HTC Nexus One was introduced. In 2012, Google bought Motorola that ignited the debate. Finally, last year, Google introduced Pixel that could compete with the iPhones.

As for 2017, recent reports suggest that Google is entire ‘game on’ against to win over iPhones. Despite the confirmation, it could again all be only false rumors.

How good are the chances of Google to win over iPhones

Now, the reader must note that Google is an established lone leader with Android in terms of software. As far as the market progressions are concerned, it needs to ‘dethrone’ Samsung in terms of phone making.

This is where Google’s recent purchase of HTC would seemingly be beneficial to the search giant. In Wong’s words, this would help Google have “direct control over all manufacturing.”


We still need to wait for further official updates about Google’s race to win over iPhones. For now, the chances seem more inclined towards the search giant. What do you think? Let us know in comments and follow us to know more about the Google-iPhone industry brawl.

Source: MacWorld

Google Looks Good to Win Over iPhones