Today, Samsung Electronics announced that it is introducing market’s first eUFS or embedded Universal Flash Storage. The target usage for the world leading company in making flash storage is for the next-generation automotive apps.

Now, the flash storage is coming off in two variants – 128GB and 64GB. The solution is designed for ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems). The eUFS have further usage in next-gen dashboards and infotainment systems. An infotainment system with a flash storage is able to provide comprehensive features for drivers and passengers across the world.

In regards to this, Jinman Han said that this is a major step by Samsung in developments of next-gen ADAS and infotainment systems. He is the Senior Vice President of Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering at Samsung Electronics.

Han has quoted saying, “Samsung is taking the lead in the growth of the memory market for sophisticated automotive applications while continuing to deliver leading-edge UFS solutions with higher performance, density, and reliability.”

Looking at the past, universal flash storage solutions are in use for mobile apps since early 2015. By now, the solution, with performative and qualitative aspects, picked up wide adoption across mobiles. It started with the flagship smartphones and now has its place in mid-market smartphones as well.

Main Features of Universal Flash Storage

Following are the features of the eUFS solutions that make them performative and qualitative:

  • Advanced data transfer speed with and robust data reliability.
  • The performance leads to:
  1. better managing audio content.
  2. increased navigation responsiveness.
  3. access to internet-enabled traffic and weather reports.
  4. improved hands-free voice command handling.
  5. paced rear-seat social media interplay.
  • Efficient and reliable error-handling process for next-gen in-vehicle infotainment.
  • Advanced data refresh and temperature notification feature for superior system reliability, enabling optical data reliability.
  • Temperature sensor equipped inside controller for enabling high-reliable device temperature control.

Summing up

The performance standards of universal flash storage solutions are letting Samsung expect fast-paced adoption by the automotive industry. Samsung aims at growing storage requirements in the industry by introducing a series of eUFS. At the same time, the company is addressing similar demands in other industry segments as well.