Nokia 3310 Gets a Missing Key Feature – Too Late?

Nokia 3310

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Nokia has introduced a few new features to its to-be-released 3310. Firstly, the Nokia 3310 will now be available in the colors charcoal and azure. But the most significant feature that was missing – 3G connectivity – is the main discussion point.

At a press launch in Australia, HMD Global ‘quietly’ rebooted the mobile for inducing the 3G capability. It took HMD about a half of a year after its introduction to induce this.

Now, the questions are arising revolving the possible intentions of Nokia behind this. Like, is it too late? Or, why didn’t this happen before? And so on…

Nokia 3310 is apparently directed towards bringing back nostalgia, but with inferior capabilities. Therefore, it is safe to say that “people were buying into a memory, not a piece of hardware.”

Now, there is no confirmed date or price tag for the phone. But, the coming October will see its release. We are expecting that it will have a low price tag. On the other hand, more new colors and customizable user interface could have slowed sales at the launch.

We are waiting for further info on the actual price and other specs to proceed with. It is confirmed that Nokia 3310 will be made available to the UK markets through O2.

Source: TechRadar

Nokia 3310 Gets a Missing Key Feature - Too Late?