Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 18,748,957
    Confirmed: 18,748,957
    Active: 6,084,302
    Recovered: 11,959,377
    Death: 705,278
  • USA 4,919,148
    Confirmed: 4,919,148
    Active: 2,275,904
    Recovered: 2,482,909
    Death: 160,335
  • Brazil 2,808,076
    Confirmed: 2,808,076
    Active: 741,213
    Recovered: 1,970,767
    Death: 96,096
  • India 1,918,440
    Confirmed: 1,918,440
    Active: 588,876
    Recovered: 1,289,632
    Death: 39,932
  • Russia 866,627
    Confirmed: 866,627
    Active: 183,111
    Recovered: 669,026
    Death: 14,490
  • South Africa 521,318
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 521,318
    Active: 148,683
    Recovered: 363,751
    Death: 8,884
  • Mexico 449,961
    Confirmed: 449,961
    Active: 100,838
    Recovered: 300,254
    Death: 48,869
  • Peru 439,890
    Confirmed: 439,890
    Active: 117,426
    Recovered: 302,457
    Death: 20,007
  • Chile 362,962
    Confirmed: 362,962
    Active: 16,887
    Recovered: 336,330
    Death: 9,745
  • Spain 349,894
    Confirmed: 349,894
    Active: 321,396
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,498
  • Iran 317,483
    Confirmed: 317,483
    Active: 24,749
    Recovered: 274,932
    Death: 17,802
  • UK 306,293
    Confirmed: 306,293
    Active: 259,994
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,299
  • Saudi Arabia 282,824
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 282,824
    Active: 34,490
    Recovered: 245,314
    Death: 3,020
  • Pakistan 281,136
    Confirmed: 281,136
    Active: 20,836
    Recovered: 254,286
    Death: 6,014
  • Italy 248,419
    Confirmed: 248,419
    Active: 12,482
    Recovered: 200,766
    Death: 35,171
  • Bangladesh 246,674
    Confirmed: 246,674
    Active: 101,657
    Recovered: 141,750
    Death: 3,267
  • Turkey 234,934
    Confirmed: 234,934
    Active: 10,678
    Recovered: 218,491
    Death: 5,765
  • Germany 213,080
    Confirmed: 213,080
    Active: 9,141
    Recovered: 194,700
    Death: 9,239
  • France 192,334
    Confirmed: 192,334
    Active: 79,872
    Recovered: 82,166
    Death: 30,296
  • Canada 117,792
    Confirmed: 117,792
    Active: 6,384
    Recovered: 102,450
    Death: 8,958
  • China 84,491
    Confirmed: 84,491
    Active: 810
    Recovered: 79,047
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 56,381
    Confirmed: 56,381
    Active: 50,228
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,153
  • Australia 19,444
    Confirmed: 19,444
    Active: 8,398
    Recovered: 10,799
    Death: 247
  • S. Korea 14,456
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,456
    Active: 748
    Recovered: 13,406
    Death: 302
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 24
    Recovered: 1,523
    Death: 22

6 Top Vehicle Technology Of The Future Will Make Drivers Safer

Author at TechGenyz Augmented Reality
Vehicle Technology

When you are looking for a new vehicle; the safety features it provides should be a consideration. A vehicle’s safety features have been known to save lives. The laws covering the safety requirements for a vehicle continue to become more stringent. Vehicle manufacturers now and in the future will change the way vehicles are made as well as the safety systems installed in them. This goal of future technology will be to avoid accidents by depending less and less on the actions of the driver.


Some safety features are required to be on all vehicles currently being manufactured. This includes some type of pressure monitoring ability as well as stability control. There are some technologies not currently required but are currently in some vehicles. They are side curtain airbags, blind-spot monitoring systems as well as brake assist, adaptive cruise control and more.

Traction Control System (TCS)

This safety technology feature is designed to prevent your vehicle’s wheels from spinning when they start or accelerate on a wet or slippery road surface. This is achieved by reducing the drive torque with each driven wheel as necessary. TCS is able to help improve your vehicle’s traction and safety by eliminating situations involving unstable driving.

Communication Between Vehicles

A safety feature that will eventually become common with autonomous vehicles is them being able to communicate with one another. One vehicle knowing the GPS coordinates, as well as speed of other vehicles on the road, will eventually become a major factor in road safety. The sensors developed for this will enable your vehicle to detect and respond to bicycles and pedestrians near it and take proper action. This is anticipated to cause the creation of a traffic management network system.

Pedal Travel Sensor (PWG)

PWG will involve pedal-travel measurement. This safety feature is designed to record your preferred level of braking. This information will then be implemented hydraulically or electrically. It could also be applied using a combination of both. Travel sensors are an essential element in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Active Kinematics Control (AKC)

This is a safety feature that enables the rear wheel on a vehicle to assist the front steering angle. AKC will provide your vehicle with an increased level of stability, agility as well as comfort when it changes direction. A vehicle’s steering movement occurring in the rear of the vehicle will begin an active track actuator that is electrically controlled. There could be one in the middle of the rear axle. AKC could also involve two small actuators located in the suspension for each of your vehicle’s rear wheel. Their location will be determined by the needs of a vehicle’s individual make and model.

Integrated Brake Control (IBC)

This is designed to support convention braking systems as well as driving functions that are semi-automated. It will replace the current vacuum boosting system as well as electronic stability control (ESC) used in vehicles. These systems are able to utilize the negative pressure in your engine’s air intake so its braking power can be increased. This causes it to be effective with the entire powertrain. With an IBC system, a very fast electric motor drives a high-precision actuator. This makes it possible for the IBC system to provide your vehicle with superior performance and functionality.

Augmented Reality Windshields

Many vehicles currently have heads-up display technology available. This projects important information onto a windshield. There is a night-vision camera being designed for vehicles that can look deep into the darkness and warn a driver of possible hazards such as pedestrians in dark clothes crossing a road with no lighting. A version of Google Glass is being created for windshields that will enable you to identify any objects in your field of vision. It will highlight any and all potential obstacles.

Having all the latest safety features be standard in all vehicles will take time. The new technology will provide you with increased safety and convenience. Further integration of this technology on vehicles will provide increased safety for everyone traveling on the roadways.