Google Home Mini is Ready for Google Campus and Around

Google Home Mini

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It has been about two months now that we are hearing about the Google Home Mini. It is set to launch at the Pixel Event of the company tomorrow in San Francisco.

Now, Raymond Durk lives two blocks away from Google Campus. He came across a new Google Home Mini all set for his Google Home app.

This is possible if you have bought a new Home or Chromecast and connected the device to power. At the same time, it must not be introduced to your Wi-Fi network before the Home Mini is set up.

As per received reports, there is a Google employee staying near to Raymond’s place. The employee has a Google Home Mini for a trial and is finishing its setup as this report is written.

Google Home Mini abilities and availability

The Home Mini is able to help users with schedule, reminders, news grabbing, and various Home-related inquiries. Last but not the least, it is smaller than Amazon’s Echo Dot.  

The Google device has a $49 price tag for when it hits the markets. It will be available in three colors – charcoal, chalk, and coral.  

Source: Android Police

Google Home Mini is Ready for Google Campus and Around