The reason/s behind the popularity of an app is/are pretty understandable usually. However, it is not the same in case of the Google Indic Keyboard. In spite of being overshadowed by Gboard, the Indic Keyboard has now reached 100 million downloads.

Well, it is true that the Indic languages cover a vast part of the Indian subcontinent. But Gboard has been able to excel over the Google Indic Keyboard in every single department. Yet, users are going to the app that is having lesser features, which is a most surprising element.

April this year saw Google add Indic languages to the Gboard. There were 11 Indic languages already present, and now it has 23 of the same in total. The blog post from April clearly states that Google wants users to go for Gboard and leave its Indic counterpart behind.

Furthermore, the post reveals that Gboard received updates like Translate and Google Search built-in. On the other hand, the Indic Keyboard did not receive updates since April. Again, this outlines Google’s focus shifting from the old one to the Gboard.

Wrapping up for Google Indic Keyboard

Despite all points favoring the new one, the Indic Keyboard is gaining popularity continuously. Congratulations you are in order for the 100-million milestone!

To look for specific reasons behind the surprising element seems difficult. But, it may be so that certain phones released in the regions already had the Google Indic Keyboard pre-installed. Even, some users tend to stick to something they are already used to.

Now, it would be interesting to see how Google reacts to this. The search giant may tilt towards directing users onto the Gboard for good, which would simplify things.