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The Speedfactory Plant, based in Ansbach, Germany, has come up with its first major project, led by Adidas. The robot army of the plant is making new AM4 shoes for enhancing convenience to the runners.

According to Adidas, the plant is helping the company in exploring, testing, and co-creating with the users. At the same time, Adidas aims at providing consistent inventions and innovative designs to facilitate the athletes, looking at the future.

As far as co-creating with users is concerned, the AM4 shoes will be the subject of interviews of athletes in several cities. The interviews will include running habits and styles, along with running conditions of their practice and residence places.

In terms of designs, Adidas did not share much of the details. But the company maybe is considering the rainy weather of the U.K..This will lead them to add certain waterproofing technology in the final design.

On the other hand, Adidas did disclose certain facts. As in, the AM4 has its making as per the feedback from the athletes. To quote the company, “the AM4 project will be a constant beta mode, with insights taken from consumers following each product launch used to shape future designs.”

Now, this might seem like a marketing stance by the company, but the bright side is the benefits of the runners. This will further increase competitions in terms of performance on the tracks and other sports fields.

Adidas is releasing the AM4PAR in Paris by the end of this month. In the coming months, the major cities receiving the same are Shanghai (AM4SHA), Tokyo (AM4TKY), New York (AM4NYC), and Los Angeles (AM4LA).

Adidas AM4 is getting ready…

Speedfactory has its facility entirely operational now, on a 15,000 square feet area. Adidas targets at producing at least 500,000 pairs of AM4 shoes a year.

There will be another facility opened soon in Atlanta, which will be on 74,000 square feet. Both the locations will endorse the production, but focusing on localized production mainly.

Adidas said that its cutting-edge manufacturing technologies will lead them to create products in incremented high volumes. The pairs will receive advanced complexities in materials, sizes, and colors as well.

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