Cloud computing has helped numerous businesses in their efforts to become environmentally-friendly by reducing the number of consumables they use, such as printing paper and ink. Although CEO’s have credited cloud technology for saving their companies, some experts argue that it is consuming too much electrical power. Which begs the question, can the cloud really be considered green? The short answer is a sound, yes, but the longer one might require a little more explanation in order to justify such a large claim.

What is green hosting?

Before we start discussing the benefits of green hosting offers, we first need to define it. As the name implies, green hosting refers to energy-efficient hosting solutions that consume less energy while providing you with the same performance as their energy-guzzling counterparts or use energy obtained from renewable sources such as solar, water or wind power.

Going green is a lot more than a simple trend. It represents a collective responsibility and an ongoing effort of every person, business, and organization to reduce our carbon footprint and the predominantly negative environmental impact.

Renewable energy sources

Further supporting the claim that going green is more than a passing trend is the fact that some of the largest tech companies in the world such as Google, Apple and Facebook have not only transferred most of their business into the cloud, but they’re also investing heavily in renewable energy to power their enormous data centers.

Almost all of Apple’s data centers are powered by solar panels and Facebook is taking advantage of Iowa’s wind power generation by choosing it as an ideal location for their newest line of servers. Microsoft leading with an example of its own by using solar energy to power its data centers in Virginia, as well as wind energy for data centers in Texas.

Optimizing for efficiency

The largest portion of energy data centers use on a daily basis goes towards keeping the servers cool and prevent them from overheating. Efforts to reduce energy expenditure have resulted in data centers using buildings and spaces that are specifically designed to house servers and cooperating with various independent contractors to build warehouses that are energy-efficient and in some cases, certified by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Some environmentally-conscious data center owners have even examined the airflow inside their warehouses in order to increase server performance by keeping the air around them cool and moving the hot air as far away from the equipment as possible.

Isn’t green hosting expensive?

You’d be surprised by the number of business owners who think that green hosting solutions cost a small fortune. But this couldn’t be further from the truth and in most cases, the prices offered by a green host will rival or be lower than those offered by a regular hosting company. Moving towards renewable energy sources means that data center owners are spending far less money on energy bills. This means that you can get a cheap domain without having to worry about the quality of service you’re getting.

How will your business benefit?

Choosing a green hosting solution is just another step in the right direction for the environmentally-aware business. These days, people prefer businesses that are labeled as green and eco-friendly and more and more companies are showcasing their green status by having an eco-friendly badge displayed on their websites. Showing that you care about the environed builds trust with your customers and helps your company increase sales and generate more revenue.

Lastly, switching from a regular hosting provider to an energy-efficient one is bound to serve as an inspiration and motivate both your customers and your competitors to follow suit. Going green is not something envisioned for the future, but rather an ongoing effort to increase awareness about our environment and reduce the carbon footprint on both an individual and collective level.

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