As per latest reports of Microsoft, its Connect(); event returns for the developers and their innovative apps. Today, Microsoft, through a blog post, announced the Microsoft Connect 2017 event that will continue from November 15-17.

Presently, developers are going through a ‘critical inflection point’, where data, cloud, and AI are shaping our future. In the process, Connect(); 2017 plays a significant part in empowering developers in the aim to lead the digital revolution. Ultimately, this includes creating apps with the capability to impact the world profoundly.

In this regard, Scott Guthrie, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft, is collaborating with the industry-leading innovators. Together, they are going to present what’s awaiting the developers in terms of Microsoft’s offerings and open source technologies.

Summing up for Microsoft Connect 2017

Connect(); 2017 will offer the developers skills and tools required for creating apps ‘for the future.’ This is for all developers, whether they are only getting started, or infusing apps with AI.