5 Tips on hiring AngularJS developer for your perfect team

While it might seem that hiring AngularJS developer is completely the same as hiring any other developer – it isn’t. Well, mostly it is… But there is a ton of various issues about it. There are definitely certain skills and factors which need to be considered. So we’ve prepared 5 major tips to help you out with this task.

Hiring an AngularJS developer is pretty much the same as hiring any other developer but with its own issues according to this framework (duh…). The end.

Not enough, isn’t it? OK, let’s get it on the scope then.

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Hiring an AngularJS developer is the case when a devil hides in details. Yes, AngularJS is a Google’s framework, and those guys did quite a job to diminish lots of difficulties for the convenience of those who might use it. However, it doesn’t mean at all, that you can hire that first guy from the list on the UpWork.

As with any Google technology – the further you get in, the more complicated it gets. That’s why we’d like to present to you our 5 tips on finding a perfect team of AngularJS developers.

Prepare yourself

Strictly define your requirements towards applicants. Ask necessary questions. Of course, AngularJS developers should be conversant in JavaScript. But they also should be at least well-acquainted with software engineering paradigms of AngularJS.

It is crucial that job description would cover both specific and general requirements, as well. And, sure thing, it should completely cover all of the specific issues according to your project. So those who aren’t capable to meet necessary requirements could be sifted on the very first stage.

You can further save time by taking advantage of already existing templates. Those are especially useful if you’ve had no previous experience in hiring staff. These templates are just simple with sections like:

  • company introduction
  • job description
  • necessary qualifications
  • responsibilities

Make sure to do your best while filling this form. As it is in your own interest to attract the best candidates and drive off the others.

The interview is your main weapon

Do your best to distinguish a real professional amongst average ones (the worst ones should’ve been already sifted on the application stage). And when is it the best chance to do that as not during the interview? What will help you to get the best of the interview is a pool of questions which will cover general knowledge and AngularJS skills as well.

However, do not get astray from your project. Questions should be as close to it as possible. Those might be:

First one is a good example of a specific question, while the second is pretty general. As a decent AngularJS developer should possess skills in areas beyond web browsers.

However, make sure to avoid trivial questions. Nobody likes such questions. Especially good developers. The worst what could happen is that you’ll show yourself as an incompetent employee. And who wants to work with such a boss?

Do not wait, hunt good candidates yourself

There are numerous places where to look for the developers:

  • various hiring platforms (UpWork, AngelList)
  • technical blogs
  • specific online communities
  • GitHub
  • LinkedIn (if you’re totally out of options)
  • developer conferences like Angular Summit

By doing so you’re expanding your search area. Therefore, it should yield you more good candidates. Also the average quality level of candidates increases.

Anyway, it all depends on the way you’re conducting your research. As it’s a great idea to search amongst most active members of communities and most frequent contributors.

Thoroughly check whom are you hiring

Before you even think about signing a contract with that person, check his background as scrupulously as you can.

Portfolio, activity on various platforms and communities and feedback from previous employers are probably the most valuable indicators here. If everything is more or less positive – here is your quality assurance. And if at least something makes you suspicious – it’s better to reach out to the other candidates.

While checking the portfolio – waste a few minutes of your precious time to have a look at some projects from it. If such exist at all. Anyway, absent or small portfolio combined with low activity and rates might serve you well, as you are able now to bargain a better price.

Keep an eye on that candidate even after the contract has been signed

Conduct periodic team code reviews to ensure that everything goes fine. Those are especially helpful at the beginning of your cooperation. As it will demonstrate that you are doing real business here and not some “Hello world” landing page!

But, jokes aside constant evaluation will keep your whole team in shape, so you could really get the product you desire.

However, before evaluating someone you must prove that you know how, why and what to evaluate. So you have to keep up. Or hire someone who’ll be doing that instead of you. Don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry, we’ll make a guide on that soon enough.

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