New Video shows the Making of Pixel 2 Camera

Pixel 2 Camera

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We are on the course of covering Google’s latest Pixel smartphones. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are packing the best specs in the market. Alongside fancy features like 18:9 OLED displays, the most enticing features are that of the Pixel 2 camera.

The cameras of both the phones feature 12.2mp sensor and an aperture of f/1.8. According to DxOMark, these are the ‘best smartphone cameras ever.’ So, how did Google build such supreme cameras?

We received a new video made by Nat and Friends of Google shows us behind-the-scenes of making of the Pixel 2 camera. The video covers the hardware and software of the phones, and features the testing team members.

Have a look:

Additionally, Nat and Friends went for a road trip with the Pixel 2 for checking out the capabilities of the camera. Needless to say that they made another video on this!

All the photos and videos in the video below are taken by the Pixel 2 camera. The images did not go through any color editing or post production processing.

Give it a view:

What do you think about the photos? Would you like to go for a Pixel 2? Share your feedback in the comment section below!

Source: Android Authority

New Video shows the Making of Pixel 2 Camera