First Cinema LED Screen in Southeast Asia by Samsung

Oct 9, 2017, 6:15 am

Aniruddha P.

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Samsung introduced the first ever Cinema LED Screen in Southeast Asia. It has brought the same in Paragon Cineplex theatre of Bangkok, Thailand. Installations have been done earlier this year in Busan and Seoul of Korea.

Samsung hosted a signing ceremony for its partnership with Major Cineplex Group. It is the largest cinema company in Thailand having more than 110 theatres and 668 movie screens. Samsung turned the 200-seat Paragon Cineplex of Siam Paragon shopping mall to a Cinema LED venue.

The display is the first DCI-compliant HDR (High Dynamic Range) LED theatre display of the world. This is just the beginning, as in the next year, Thailand will be experiencing further theatre renovations.

Features of the Cinema LED Screen

The new upgrade for the screen-and-projector operation provides supreme visual quality, technical performance, and reliability. The screen is about 10.3m or 33.8ft wide, and it is an easy install and configure with any theatre dimension.

The Cinema LED screen offers a ultra-sharp 4K resolution (4096×2160), along with peak brightness level of 146fL/500nit. On the whole, the offering is almost 10 times greater than the same of traditional projectors.

Furthermore, the display guarantees long-term reliability with a shelf life of more than 100,000 service hours. This makes the managerial aspects cost efficient in the long run. That’s not all, as the screen enrolls a firm anti-copy encryption protocol for preventing unlawful streaming and content redistribution.

Further Benefits that Samsung brings

In providing the Cinema LED screen, Samsung is able to meet increasing demands of the cinema space. The screen offers flexibility in expanding service offerings, which in turn checks increment in generating new revenue.

Additionally, it can consistently present ‘a range of dark and ambient lighting conditions’ irrespective of the featured content. Banking on this versatility, theatre spaces can host various event kinds like concerts, sports event viewing, corporate events, and even other non-traditional content sources.


The display became the first of its kind in May 2017 for achieving full compliance on DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) theatre technology standard. Samsung aims at an expansive rollout of the same in American and European countries in the coming years.

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