Setting Reminder of Google Search Broken Again

Google Search

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The setting reminder of Google Search was introduced back in 2015. It has been pretty convenient for the users as it would well blend in within workflows. All you needed to do was type ‘remind me to do something’ on the Search, in a desktop.

Now, it was well accepted and had been doing well among the users till this year. About two months ago, Android Police reported that the feature for Google Search was not working anymore. Last month, they came across the verification that it was working again. In fact, it was more likely that it would be the end of the issue.

Well, as checked in the last two days, the setting reminder on Google Search does not work anymore. We are waiting for Google to fix it, but in vain. The users are hoping that Google brings this to everyone’s attention, so that it gets solved, and “maybe for good this time!”

Source: Android Police

Setting Reminder of Google Search Broken Again