Google Buys Relay Media’s AMP Converter Tech to Offer Richer AMP Experience

AMP Converter Tech

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Google is constantly coming up with some of its best strategic moves. As of now, the company has collaborated and acquired many tech organizations and has proved to be a boon for them. Now, sources state that Google buys Relay Media’s AMP Converter Tech for an undisclosed sum. Google has not made any official announcement regarding this. The news was announced by Relay Media in a short post on their official website.

Google has moved a step forward to assure their users for the best ever performance. AMP Converter Tech is targeted at Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and helps web owners convert their mobile-friendly website to a faster-loading one. As of now, no major change will be coming to the service for publishers currently using its services. But they will be placing a hold on registration of new publishers who intend to join the platform.

AMP has become one of the most important tools for those retailers, who depend on e-commerce for visitors for sale. E-commerce sellers prefer faster-loading mobile pages, which convert browsers into buyers; because buyers may head to another one if the page is loading slow. In the process, a single error can cause a great loss to them.

When web publishers utilize the Relay Media Platform, it enables them to convert web-based content to AMP content easily without altering the publisher’s general branding and features of the web page.

Google is expected to make an announcement on this very soon. In order to conclude, Google constantly upgrades towards the best for his users. Let’s see what new collaborations Google comes up with. For more updates, stay tuned with us.

Source: Gizmochina

Google Buys Relay Media’s AMP Converter Tech to Offer Richer AMP Experience