Microsoft recently confirmed that Outlook for mobiles is going to receive a big update. Both Android and iOS will receive the Outlook update with new features and improvements. The majority of the new features are based on Calendar, for enhancing convenience in workflow and personal life of the users.

Firstly, the two mobile operating systems are getting sync shared calendars. This will let users view and edit the shared Office 365, or the calendars. Presently, the engineers of Microsoft are working on the upgrades.

There is an option for the eager users, who want to start trying this feature right now. All you need to do is re-accept the shared invitation from Outlook on Android or iOS.

Secondly, users can now manage delegate calendars right from their respective smartphones. This new feature lets you manage calendars of others while moving.

Thirdly, Microsoft integrated Meetup, which is a new Calendar app of Outlook. This particular Outlook update is available on Android only.

As for other improvements, those are already implemented for the Outlook users to provide them convenience in managing events. As an example, one new option lets the users create events based on daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly recurrences.

Another new Outlook update is for the iOS app, where you get to add a message as a response to a meeting invite. Though it is for iOS, for now, Android will receive the same later.

Summing up for the Outlook update

The engineers are going through a steady process of implementing the new features and improvements. Therefore, users can wait in case they don’t come across the features right now.