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Apple has partnered with LG Display to develop display units for foldable iPhones. LG Display has created a task force to perform the action. It’s sister concern LG Innotek is developing Rigid-Flexibl Printed Circuit Board to be used in OLED Display. The reason behind choosing LG is Apple’s concern, that there might be a potential leak of technology information to its rival Samsung Electronics.

The production is expected to start from 2020 which essentially means Apple will be behind Samsung in launching foldable iPhones. Samsung is clearly the leader in OLED panels and is the sole supplier for OLED for current iPhone X models. Samsung will be the sole supplier for the next year iPhone models as well.

As Samsung had a monopoly in mobile OLED manufacturing, Apple had built strong ties with LG, its long-term LCD supplier.

LG has a manufacturing facility, known as E5, for its initial OLED production in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province. The first set of OLED phones will be sent to LG Electronics and a few Chinese mobile manufacturers. Production for iPhones will start from 2019 in a new plant known as E6, which is in Paju, Gyeonggi Province and currently under construction.


Apple is planning to invest in the E6 plant to quicken the pace of OLED production. The two companies have agreed in principle to co-invest but the details are yet to be chalked out.

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